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Downsizing is the process of returning to your piercer to have the fit of your jewelry adjusted; because your tissue will swell a bit after being pierced, your jewelry needs to start out a little longer/larger in diameter to account for that swelling (trust us, you don’t want to start with tight fitting jewelry, oof). Downsizing is mainly needed for piercings done with studs or barbells, and around 4-8 weeks – depending on the piercing and how your specific healing is going – it’s a good idea to return to your piercer to have shorter posts put in. This can help reduce the issues that can arise from jewelry moving in the piercing, getting snagged or tangled in hair, and being slept on. It is not required, but tends to be better for the long-term health and happiness of your piercing.

Every studio is different, but there is often a small fee associated with the downsizing process to cover the cost of the new component(s) needed. At our studio, for example, the cost of a shorter post for your 4 week old nostril piercing will be discounted, and we don’t charge a jewelry change fee for downsizing.