Custom Jewelry Ordering

When stock options just won’t cut it.

What It Is

When you're looking for something and you're not seeing it in our selection.

This can be as simple as needing a piece in a different size, wanting it in a different color of gold, or set with different gemstones. It can also be working closely with our custom order manager to turn an original idea into a one-of-a-kind piece to be created by one of our talented manufacturers. The sky is the limit! There is no extra charge for placing custom orders, just the cost of whatever it is you’re wanting, so don’t be shy.

How It Works

Come in and speak with our staff about what you're wanting, or contact our custom order manager.

Our custom order manager, Devin, can be reached via email at Devin is also a real human being with feelings, so be sure to draft your emails with that in mind, thank you!

When emailing, please try to include as many details as you can, so we are able to assist you as efficiently as possible. These details may include:

What to Expect

You're ready to place your order, what now?