UNDER 18? Here’s the deal…

If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have a *documented CUSTODIAL PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN present.

*Under California State Law, the parent/guardian must present a *valid state or federal Photo ID, as well as an original Birth Certificate for the minor in question (regardless of physical resemblance, matching residential addresses, etc) Acceptable I.D. examples are: State Driver’s License, State I.D. Card, Military I.D., or Passport.  *Expired forms of ID are not recognized as valid.

-For any piercing other than ear lobes, the minor must also be able to present a valid photo ID (school ID, state ID, etc).

-Under No Circumstances, will we pierce any minor under the age of 5. That said, our piercers reserve discretion to pierce based on the comfort levels of the minor in question.


**You absolutely MUST be 18 or older to receive surface anchor, navel, tongue, nipple or genital piercings! No exceptions.**

**No one under the age of 18 may be tattooed, under any circumstances, ever.**