About Us


Industrial Tattoo is independently owned and operated by an established team of body modification specialists. We feature some of the finest tattoo artists and have only the most skilled piercers in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and your satisfaction! Our staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and our expertise shows in the quality of our work and our environment. We have the largest selection of unique body jewelry, plugs, and naturals from here to Indonesia.

We are a custom shop so collaborate with our artists to create your own tattoo or bring in a design from home. Whatever is in your imagination, we can work with you to create your own tattoo. Whether it’s your first tattoo or a touch up on your sleeve, you’ll feel right at home with the crew at Industrial Tattoo.


Established in 1996, Industrial Tattoo has been part of the Berkeley community since 1996. We first started out on M.L.K and University. Shortly after we relocated to Dwight way and Telegraph, where we remain till this day. We continue INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH’s commitment to quality products and service. We pride ourselves on providing ONLY IMPLANT GRADE body jewelry for initial piercing’s.

          All of our piercing procedures are STATIM sterilized. Gloves, gauze, needle and jewelry are ran together and opened in front of you to ensure that you actually get a sterile piercing procedure. This type of care is not required but we feel that our costumers deserve to get what they pay for. The best of quality, care and respect.

          And as always you can rely on a quality tattoo experience by our talented staff of custom tattoo artists. All needles are one time use and have been autoclaved.